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Safe Generic Store offers a 100% guarantee on all of our products. Safe Generic Store provides 100% assurance on all of our products. If the product we offer is damaged or is not delivered in time, or is returned to the person who purchased it the customer, we will provide a complete refund provided through our business. The guarantee is granted on a basis of request and, once a guarantee has been requested by our customers, when there is an incomplete order the balance will be returned to the customers.

If the product fails its delivery date program by seven days, we guarantee a complete refund of our client’s money. A refund guarantee can be provided where the client would like to reunite the item without utilizing it to meet specific rules. In the event of any delay or hold, or return of the sender will notify the buyer. If no notice of this kind is sent, you are suggested to contact us via sending us an email in the section on refunds to ensure that any issue with the delivery of our goods is solved and handled in a timely manner.

For any other queries related to order dispatch or if you want to know about the status of your order, please visit our ‘Support’ section on Safe Generic Store website:- https://safegenericstore.com/contact-us/